We are the industry leader in providing creative projections solutions. We have the skills and the experience to provide you with the highest form of visual possible, regardless of the type of project. Your ideas can come to life in the truest sense on a vibrant screen to create an amazing spectacle that will never cease to surprise your viewers. We have an enviable track record of delivering results that far surpass the expectations of our clients with amazing consistency.

The Products We Currently Offer:

  • Interactive Walls
  • Interactive Floors
  • Interactive Bar/Table Tops
  • interactive Immersive Rooms
  • 3D Projection Of Any Scale And Size

Why Choose Us:

We can create high quality motion graphics for diverse environments. We provide clients with stunning content for all purposes such as entertainment, educational and sales. We can serve your needs better than others because we have access to pioneering technology in this field. We have the skills and the right expertise to provide you with the latest technologies in interactive walls, interactive floors, interactive bar/table tops, interactive immersive rooms and 3D projection. These effects can be customized to match the specific needs of your project. We have the ability to organize exciting displays for seminars, trade shows and more. We are software and hardware independent service and hence have the ability to format projects to any specifications.

Our Unique Services/Solutions

We offer high quality solutions that match the global standards today in projection mapping and associated fields. We carry out activities like:

  • Site survey and modifications
  • Themes and animations
  • Consultations
  • Guidelines for usage
  • All hardware and software
  • Our Team:

    Our team consists of highly committed and hardworking individuals with varied and extensive experience in handling projects of all types and sizes, regardless of the challenges involved. We firmly believe that a group with diverse mix of talents and personalities can make a huge difference on the end result. Every department of our organization, including designing, accounting, customer service and others work in close synchrony to create amazing work and deliver world class service to our clients. Our unrivaled experience and expertise allow us to effortlessly combine emerging and existing technologies and even develop our in-house out of the box solutions to provide you nothing but the best. We remain current with the developments happening at an express pace in this domain to provide our clients results that are beyond their expectations. Surprising clients pleasantly is a habit we have cultivated right from our early days.