Augmented Reality (AR) is a path-breaking technology which can be used to create a unique and stunning view of the real world environment. By using this dazzling and innovative process, the elements of the physical world can be spectacularly enhanced to create wonderful visuals that are supported by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data.

What are the types of AUGMENTED REALITY?

AUGMENTED REALITY can be projected on three different types of mediums. They are

This type of augmentation reality can be created using specialized LED WALLS. They can be used for projecting highly augmented scenarios of various real life situations.

In this type of AR, LED TV or Plasma Screens are used to for dramatic presentations of products and models. They are used primarily for impressive product launches.

APP based AR can be created using devices such as Smartphones and Tablets to present and view products and models.


‘Augmented Shadows’ is the unique process of convert the human images into impactful, dazzling and colorful video messages and 3D models. The technology can be extremely useful for creating attention-grabbing promotional videos for various types of advertisements. Augmentation shadows can also prove to be highly useful for

Please check the demonstration of AR here:

What is augmented reality marketing?

Marketing is the process of choosing a series of well-planned strategies and executing them carefully and precisely to influence a set of targeted audience or a specific market to buy the company’s products and/or services. At the very onset, marketers identify their target customer base. This group is then carefully and strategically targeted by creating a highly focused marketing campaign that involves a series of promotional components developed after researching the requirements and needs of the targeted group. The aim of the campaign is to fulfill the needs of customers and build long term loyalty.

Augmented reality is fast becoming one of the most effective and productive marketing tools. By using this amazing technology, companies can create highly impressive and focused strategies that combine the various elements of print, online and offline advertising. Augmented reality can be used for delivering highly persuasive messages to the targeted and technologically literate audience.

These are the five key advantages of using augmented reality in marketing:
While Augmented Reality is a relatively new form of technology in the marketing
arena, it is definitely becoming a marketing tool that companies prefer using for improving the outcome of their campaigns.

  • Augmented reality can be used to introduce a playful, fun element appeal into in an everyday use product. It adds a sense of excitement to the process which can influence a larger audience quite effortlessly.
  • Customers not having the technical skills or know-how to create their own multimedia product can use this technology to create stunning visuals even if they are not very tech-savvy.
  • Personalization is another advantage that marketers can acquire with augmented reality. Content can be uploaded and a highly personalized form of media campaign can be created to target a specific audience or market.
  • Novelty is perhaps the biggest USP of augmented reality. It is considered the most-happening thing on the technology front and has the ability to turn heads. Early adopters can definitely gain from the novelty factor of augmented reality.
  • Augmented reality can be used for socialization too. It provides marketers the opportunity share their personalized content with others through viral augmented reality marketing.