What is an interactive bar?

An interactive bar is a fascinating and high-tech projection system that can not only transform your bar space and table dramatically. It is designed to bring a huge element of surprise to your restaurant space.

  • There are a large number of interactive themes and elements to choose from.
  • The interactive bar can be designed to react to movements and touches, creating limitless possibilities for interactive entertainment of the highest kind.
  • It can provide visitors a unique wining and dining experience.
What effect can it create?

Interactive bars can create a unique and unforgettable experience and make sure your clients stay back longer and come back for more. By using the best custom effects, the interactive system can even show details of specials or create a stunning effect which visitors will find it hard to take their eyes off from.

How It’s Done?

Our ingeniously developed tech module Interacto Art can be deployed to create stunningly attractive and attention-grabbing interactive bars. It is a unique visual technology which helps create highly creative videos to sync with the theme of your bar. Advanced camera tracking technology is used to design screens and countertops that are visually appealing to customers.

Interacto Art can be used to give shape to your ideas and craft fantastic interactive wall system.

Why choose us?

We offer the latest technology in interactive bar system, providing you the opportunity to revamp your entire façade of your bar and transform it into an attention-grabbing counter that grabs customer eyes and keep them fully engrossed. When you choose us:

  • You can have access to state-of-the-art lighting elements that can be easily customized to match the special promotional and advertising requirements of your bar
  • You can display your latest offers or revamped menu.
  • Our uniquely designed interactive façade can make your bar counter the most powerful traffic generator and assure you a steady growth in business.
Where can you use this technology?

This technology can be used in places with proper bars and restaurants like setup for added fun and mesmerizing effects. There is an exclusive catalog of custom effects to choose from.