What is interactive floor?

The interactive floor system is an unusual and exciting concept that is designed to send powerful messages to the targeted audience as the medium reacts in real time to feet and hand impulses and create changing scenes and designs to capture the attention of audience.

  • The dramatic effect is made possible by using an interactive projection system that includes a PC and projector.
  • A light coloured floor is recommended for maximum impact.
  • The ambient light falling on the system and surrounding is controlled to prevent any possible detraction from the overall projection.
What effect can it create?

Interactive floors are a technological phenomenon which involves specialized digital projection. It creates a dazzling web of controlled activity on impulses created by walking on the surface.

  • There are no limitations to the visual effects these floors can create.
  • You can customize the floor to create different configurations, designs and colors based on the advertising and branding needs.
  • The highly intuitive interface is user-friendly and comes with a large gallery of effects.
  • You can create custom experiences in a matter of minutes.
How Its Done?

Interacto Art is at the heart of our Interactive Floor System. It is a highly advanced tech module that helps create stunning visuals and videos when the medium is triggered. State-of-the-art camera tracking technology is incorporated in the system to help create effects that will pleasantly surprise observers.

Our path-breaking Interacto Art technology can breathe life into any idea and help send across the message very sharply and clearly.

Why choose us?

As a leading design and multimedia service, we have been at the forefront in bringing immersive and interactive multimedia experiences to companies and consumers. We specialize in creating custom interactive floor displays that are combined with visual art technology to keep viewers engaged and completely enthralled. Our team of highly talented and experienced creative designers, design artists, programmers, app developers, and system integrators specialize in the interactive floor industry. They have been delivering spectacular immersive experiences in various industries for diverse needs.

Where can you use this technology?

Interactive floor technology can be used for any kind of promotion which involves drawing customer attention to a specific idea, product, service or announcement. It can be useful in

  • Entertainment industry
  • Medical field
  • Corporate meetings and events
  • Exhibitions
  • Science projects
  • Weddings
  • Advertisements and many more.