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What Is Projection Mapping?

Projection mapping is technology involving projection using which objects are transformed into a stunning display surface. The effect is achieved by using specialized software which is paired with a projector which displays image which appears as having extra dimensions and cleverly interspersed with optical illusions. It is often paired with a compatible audio to create a spectacular sound and vision experience.
Projection mapping is being increasingly used at various places, destinations and events to attract crowds, to leave a lasting impression on the minds of visitors or tourists, for innovatively-styled product launches and more.

What impact can it create?

Projection mapping can be incredibly stunning as the technique can be used to warp and mask the projected image so that it fits perfectly even o irregularly shaped screens. When done by professionals with experience and creative skills, it can create a dynamic projection installation that goes beyond ordinary video projection. It can create a wonderful viewing experience where the possibilities are literally infinite.

Why Choose Us?

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Where can you use this technology?

Projection mapping technology can be used in the areas of:

  • 1. Advertisement
  • 2. Decorations
  • 3. Education
  • 4. To deliver virtual reality experiences
  • 5. For impactful product launches
  • 6. In Corporate meetings for dynamic presentations and many more